The SWISOTECH jewelry care range is pleased to announce two new additions:

The two new SWISOTECH dipping baths GOLD (Art. 1060) and SILVER (Art. 1061) are the perfect alternative to the well-known brands Connoisseurs and Hagerty – quality MADE IN GERMANY!

  • Cleans, deoxidizes, maintains, with brightener and anti-tarnish (ATP7) – 150 ml
  • Meets all criteria according to REACH chemical regulation incl. lid with child safety lock
  • Brings jewelry back to shine in seconds! Simply place bracelets, necklaces etc. in the sieve, immerse for a few seconds, rinse and rub dry

Also suitable as a combination product together with our SWISOTECH microfiber cloths (Art. 1054) – also made in Germany.

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In over 60 countries worldwide, CONNOISSEURS care products are among the TOP items when it comes to caring for high-quality genuine jewelry. The clever Jewellery Wipes – a reclosable case of 25 special wipes for the waterless dry cleaning of gold and silver jewelry – have proven to be a particular best seller. Professional care that is quick and uncomplicated to realize.

Valuable pieces of gold and silver jewelry cannot be cleaned with standard household products. Particularly dangerous are supposed “tips” from the Internet, which advertise toothpaste as a home remedy for cleaning jewelry. But the toothpaste can contain ingredients that attack the jewelry and scratch it due to their too hard abrasive particles. Instead, you should use proven cleaning products whose formulas are specifically designed to clean gold and silver. This is the only way to ensure safe and effective care.

One manufacturer that has achieved a great deal of recognition and fame in this area is the American company CONNOISSEURS. The global market leader in genuine jewelry care covers all common materials and types of application with its extensive product range. Our recommendation for the uncomplicated care of gold and silver jewelry are the Jewellery Wipes, which, thanks to a sophisticated formula, sustainably remove patina and deposits of all kinds from jewelry and restore its old shine. Despite their high effectiveness, the wipes are completely non-toxic. They are packaged in a practical, resealable plastic case which, in combination with the stylish counter displays, is a real eye-catcher. A perfect addition to your assortment, which enables you to generate additional revenue and provides your customers with real added value.

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Like all objects in our daily lives, jewelry must be cleaned regularly and, above all, properly. It can regain its old shine by being treated with a special polishing cloth. If the cloth is also printed with your own logo, it becomes an effective tool of customer loyalty for the jeweler.

The fine materials from which our jewelry is made are sensitive and suffer from the stresses of daily wear. Whether it’s grease, dust, sweat or body lotion, the jewelry gets dirty and no longer looks as beautiful as it did when it was brand new. Therefore, it must be cleaned regularly with the right material. And that can be bought at your local jeweler.

The main reason for the annoying loss of luminosity and shine of jewelry over time are the many micro-scratches that are practically unavoidable in everyday life. The jewelry then appears dull and matt. Micro scratches in jewelry can be easily polished out of the material with a jewelry polishing cloth. This way, your favorite pieces will shine again as on the first day and make their wearer happy.

ERNST & FRIENDS offers suitable solutions in this area. Both classic microfiber and special jewelry polishing cloths are provided in practical individual packaging. A special highlight are also the elegant microfiber gloves for handling especially high-value pieces. They signal appreciation and professionalism to the customer. He knows that he is with a professional jeweler.

Our service for you: for all mentioned products there is the possibility of individualization with your logo. This way you make your brand visible and strengthen the brand loyalty of your customers. The customer will transfer the positive characteristics of the care products to your name and you and your brand will be remembered. Simple, but effective.

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The German company polyWatch has developed three high-performance premium products especially for the treatment of wristwatches. A product each for glass, plastic and protective sealing.

What could be more beautiful for watch lovers than the feeling of wearing a flawless, new watch on their wrist? You can’t resist looking at you new watch all the time. A view that makes you happy. At least until the first scratches and marks disturb the beauty of bracelet and case of the expensive timepiece. That’s annoying, but no disaster thanks to polyWatch.

In fact, wristwatches are predestined for scuffs and scratches of all kinds due to their exposed position on the outer wrist. Especially if the watch is a faithful companion in everyday life and is not only taken out of the cabinet on holidays. But how do you get scratched watches and scuffed bracelets back to their former glory? The three polyWatch products in detail:

polyWatch Plastic Polish

The elegant folding box contains a 5g tube of the high-tech polishing paste, a perfectly matched polishing cloth and a step-by-step manual.

The polishing paste is applied to the scratched plastic watch glass and the polishing cloth is used to remove the scratch from the scratched glass at a 90° angle.

polyWatch Glass Polish

Speaking of jewelry, polyWatch Glass Polish contains microscopic diamond grains that ensure professional results in the treatment of small and medium scratches in mineral and sapphire glass. The clever all-inclusive repair set also makes economic sense, because it preserves the value of the watch and is significantly cheaper than replacing the watch glass. And the set lives up to its name: a tube of repair paste, a tube of finish paste, a polishing rod, matching polishing strips made of fleece and a step-by-step manual leave nothing to be desired and ensure amazing results.

polyWatch Watch Protector

Prevent scratches in the watch glass in advance? Sounds almost too good to be true. But it is possible thanks to the polyWatch Watch Protector. The two-component system provides a protective film on the watch that protects against scratches, fingerprints and dirt. And that for up to 12 months. This is made possible by liquid glass technology with the futuristic name “Nano-Tech”. Everything needed for application is included in the elegant black sales packaging, which comes in a fashionable 6-counter display.

For jewelers, the products offer clear benefits:

– Because they are consumables, they increase frequency in your retail store.

– They are an easy way to realize additional revenue with good margins.

– They are perfect as bonus items or as a giveaway e.g. instead of a discount or for sales promotions.

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If you love your watch, you take care of it. Especially with lifestyle products like watches and jewelry, the topic of care cannot be neglected. In this blog article, you will find out what suitable cleaning of wristwatches looks like and how jewelers can profit from it.

If you finally invest in a luxurious timepiece after a long time of thinking and pondering, you’ll be happy to look after it even after you’ve bought it. A typical activity of watch lovers is the thorough cleaning of the wristwatch that is soiled with dust, sweat and dirt through daily wear. The hygiene aspect also plays a role. After all, the wristwatch should not become a hotbed of germs.

It should be clear to everyone that a luxury product from a jewelry store cannot be cleaned with dishwashing liquid and a kitchen towel. An effective but at the same time gentle cleaning agent is needed. The watch cleaning experts at PolyWatch have also recognized this problem and can now shine with an innovative new product.

With their Watch Cleaner, they have developed a multifunctional 3-in-1 care product for retailers. It frees the watch from unsavory deposits, cares for the material and then provides a noble high gloss. “Like new!” – you might think.

The attractive, matte-black folding box contains a whole range of practical helpers. This means unboxing with a wow effect. In addition to the high-yield spray bottle, the elegant folding packaging also contains a white polishing cloth, a gray microfiber cloth, and multilingual step-by-step instructions.

A must-have for the jeweler:

Each of the eye-catching and convenient counter displays contains 6 Watch Cleaning sets. And for the jeweler, the product is almost more practical than for the customer itself. Because with the Watch Cleaner, the jeweler not only satisfies a genuine customer need, but at the same time enhances his assortment and increases the average receipt of his customers. Before trying to sell the customer another piece of jewelry, one should first harvest the low-hanging fruits. This can be translated into practice, for example, with the Watch Cleaner and other buy-and-sell products from ERNST & FRIENDS.

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This week the company Seiko Deutschland GmbH appointed us as their exclusive distributor in Germany for SEIZAIKEN batteries and as an official sales partner for the whole EMEA economic area.

Our wide assortment of batteries from various brands was subject to many expansions and adaptations over the past years. This week it received another expansion wich will be a further improvement of selection options, margin and exclusivity for our partners. Seiko acknowledged our hard work over the past years and our pursuit of sustainable long-term partnerships by entering into an exclusive sales cooperation. We are very happy about that and are therefore intensifying our effort in strenghening the brand.

Despite not being so well known in Europe, SEIZAIKEN batteries meet the same advanced quality standards as other top brands. In fact they are unmatched in regards to being leakproof and their voltage stability. And, being a product of the famous SEIKO group, SEIZAIKEN batteries are the result of decades of research and development in the watch industry and perfectly optimized for modern quartz watches. All SEIZAIKEN batteries are 100% made in Japan.

You want to identify a diamond from other stone within seconds? Then we highly recommend our innovative SMATRPRO assortment. With the following video ERNST & FRIENDS Managing Director Torben Meyer presents the easy functionality and handling of our top seller devices:

Step 1: The SmartPro® Reader I Plus – Diamond & Moissanite Tester differs Diamonds and Moissanites from Simulants.
Step 2: The SmartPro® Screen 1, Diamant und CVD/HPHT Tester differentiates natural earth-mined coloress diamond (D-J, type Ia, Ib) from lab created or synthetic CVDs/HPHTs (type IIa, IIb).


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