Novelty! Pneumatic engraving device “AIR DO” – no separate compressor required

We offer exclusive novelties in the ERNST & FRIENDS portfolio! The manufacturer SMARTPRO, well known for its innovative gemstone testers, now brings new momentum to the engraving market with two brand new products. With the “AIR DO S” and the “AIR DO X” you get a compact all-in-one device for pneumatic engraving – at a fair price. In addition, the “AIR DO X” takes this to the next level with a built in 35,000 rpm micromotor.


Integrated into both devices is a whisper-quiet 40 bar compressor. In combination with its compact housing and a weight of just 5 KG, this makes the AIR DO a real game changer for your workshop. Users will be able to safe a lot of space. A large and noisy external compressor is no longer necessary.

However, the compact size does not mean that the unit sacrifices performance. That’s because with a precisely adjustable output of 240 to 2,400 strokes per minute, the unit covers everything from fine engraving up until stone setting in hard materials such as metal.

The included foot pedal for speed control makes your work even easier. Also included is a set of 6 easy-to-change engraving adapters. With a retail price of just 995€ (AIR DO S) and 1,195€ (AIR DO X), the devices make a real, reasonable alternative to the devices of established manufacturers.

The feedback from the market so far has been positive. For the launch, we, as the official and exclusive SMARTPRO agent for europe, sent several test devices to our customers. One of them wrote to us: “Compared to competing products, the multifunctional tool convinces with its compact size and affordable entry-level price. (…) Anyone who enjoys beautiful tools and feels like expanding their product range can quickly achieve good results with this device.”

With the new “AIR DO”, SMARTPRO has therefore not only ventured into new areas of application, but is already proving to be a serious challenger to established manufacturers.