Sharpen your profile with ear piercing and personalized engravings against the internet trading.

It would be a pleasure for us to welcome you on our booth!

prac-tec® Taschenwaage G-202

The World‘s First! Exclusively by ERNST & FRIENDS. Dual-Capacity Scale 200 g x 0,01 – 250 g x 0,1g, Quick Changeable Capacity Setting, Easy One Button Calibration, …

The WATCH PROTECTOR by polyWatch seals and protects your watch effectively and long lasting.

Please check our “Special Ceal” Watch & Jewellery Technology – valid until October 31th.

Smartpro Aura

The first Synthetic Diamond Scanner that can screen automatically for mounted jewelry but can also be used to test loose stones with various test result.

Einweihungsfeier / House-Warming Party

On August 18, 2019 we celebrated our move to the new facilities with our staff, families and close friends of ERNST & FRIENDS GMBH.