Marvin Schröder – Trainee report at ERNST & FRIENDS GmbH

I started my traineeship at ERNST & FRIENDS GmbH on 01.07.2022. My name is Marvin Schröder and I am excited to give you an insight into my time as an apprentice at this diverse company. Switching to ERNST & FRIENDS was an important step for me and I would like to tell you about my experiences and the exciting areas of responsibility I have worked in so far.

ERNST & FRIENDS GmbH, located in Lanken near Hamburg, is a renowned wholesaler of hearing aid batteries and technology for watches and jewelry. The company is characterized by its wide range of products and its expertise in various technical areas. Apprentices at ERNST & FRIENDS have the privilege of working in an environment that places great value not only on high quality, but also on the further development of its employees.

My training began in the warehouse, where I developed a broad understanding of the products and their handling. This phase was essential to lay the foundation for my later work in sales. I spent most of my time in sales, as it was my main role. This is where I learned how important it is to understand customer requirements and offer suitable solutions. Direct contact with our customers by phone was a valuable experience that strengthened my communication skills.

Another important area was the handling of forwarding shipments for large orders. This gave me an insight into the logistics processes and the efficient coordination of deliveries. On the other Hand the accounting department allowed me to get to know the financial aspects of the company and understand the importance of accurate and careful accountancy.

In the marketing section, I was able to give free play to my creativity and work on various social media projects. Another particularly interesting aspect was further training in the use of engraving lasers, a technique that is particularly important in the jewelry sector. This training showed me how important technical know-how is in combination with creativity. Following this training, I was able to apply my knowledge directly in customer appointments.

The international nature of ERNST & FRIENDS also brought me into contact with the areas of import and export. Here I learned how complex international business relationships are established and maintained.

What I particularly appreciate about my traineeship at ERNST & FRIENDS is the high degree of personal responsibility that is given to the trainees. We are constantly encouraged to develop our own solutions and solve problems independently. This approach has not only helped me to acquire professional skills, but has also significantly promoted my personal development.

In conclusion, I can say that my time at ERNST & FRIENDS has been extremely educational and inspiring so far. I look forward to continuing to master new challenges and further develop my skills in this dynamic environment.