Better on the safe side with SMARTPRO diamond testers

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Diamonds that are artificially produced in a laboratory are on the rise. The differences from a natural stone cannot be detected with the naked eye or even a magnifying glass. So anyone selling watches and jewelry with diamonds should be sure whether they are dealing with natural stones or synthetic diamonds such as CVDs/HPHTs.

With the high-tech devices from SMARTPRO, ERNST & FRIENDS exclusively offers gemological testing equipment to distinguish between natural and man-made diamonds.

The portable SMARTPRO OPTIMUM (2855), for example, distinguishes between natural and synthetic diamonds as well as synthetic moissanites between 0.015 to 10 ct. – colorless to faint yellow (D-M).

The SMARTPRO AURA (2856) can analyze entire batches. It scans loose and set stones, identifies diamonds, CVDs and HPHTs, cubic zirconia (CZ) and synthetic moissanite incl. Forever One Stones, all colorless to faint yellow (D-K).

TIP: For the most reliable results, ERNST & FRIENDS recommends the 2-phase testing procedure.

Step 1: The popular SMARTPRO Multi Reader (2850) is used to distinguish diamonds from moissanites, simulants and cubic zirconia. The result “diamond” can be a natural or synthetic stone.

Step 2: Therefore, the SMARTPRO Optimum (2855) is then used to analyze whether the tested stone is a natural or synthetic diamond.

Both devices can be controlled with the intelligent SMARTPRO App – including a practical certificate to hand out to the customer. The application is very intuitive and simple. The result is given in seconds.

Our absolute bargain price for the combination set of READER and OPTIMUM ( 2855.c):

Just 1195.00 EUR!



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Grinding and Lapping Machine. Using the Lapping Machine surfaces and edges can be reconstructed in a very special way: surfaces, edges, cuts and shapes of watch cases and metal straps can be exactly restored. Advantage against usual polishing motors: By repeated simple polishing of watch cases and bands, the edges and shapes are rounded more and more and the watch case looses its original shape/form. Only a precision lapping machine can reconstruct the original shape, especially edge grinding etc.

The LM-1 lapping machine has a powerful motor with electronic motor control board and speed control. As an extra an adjustable support table (Item No. 3963.1) can be fixed on the guide rail, (included in the basic equipment) or a watch case clamping device (3963.2)


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