The Ernst & Friends team is convinced of this. As a long-standing partner of the watch industry, wholesalers and specialized service companies, the northern German company supplies watch and jewelry technology, watch movements, microbatteries and complete workshop equipment to over 80 countries worldwide.

Highlights of the product range are e.g. ergonomic workbenches made in Germany, high-performance polishing motors with powerful suction and dust collection rates of over 98%, high-quality lapping machines and other quality equipment from BERGEON, ELMA, WALDMANN, GREINER and SWISOTECH, among others.

In addition, Ernst & Friends is the official EU distributor of VARTA Micro Power, has the general agency in Germany with distribution rights in EU and EMEA for SEIZAIKEN watch batteries and is the official european HUB for MIYOTA watch movements. The company also markets SMARTPRO gemmological testing equipment exclusively in Europe and distributes its own registered brands SWISOTECH, PRAC-TEC and XX-Treme.

The ERNST & FRIENDS team presented its competencies, article diversity and service strength at the international trade fair for high precision, EPHJ, at the Geneva Palexpo site from June 6 to 9, 2023.


Matthias Noack, Division Manager Watch Technology at ERNST & FRIENDS:

What is currently in particular demand from specialist retailers with watch workshops?

When planning and setting up workshops, the topics of workplace safety and health management are playing an increasingly important role, in addition to the high quality of the tools. Watchmakers in particular are at risk of developing muscular neck/shoulder tension or back problems in the cervical spine. Our own work table line-up – made in Germany – under the brand SWISOTECH therefore offers innovative padded 3D adjustable arm rests in combination with an electrical stepless table height adjustment. Another example are our high-performance polishing motors with 3,000 rpm and an extremely powerful dust extraction and separation performance. These devices, which we carry under our own PRAC-TEC brand, are currently among our absolute top sellers. Likewise the innovative diamond testers from SMARTPRO, with which you can test whether the diamonds on dials, bezels & co. are natural or synthetic diamonds – including certificate issuance.

SMARTPRO OPTIMUM I: This convenient diamond tester easily and safely distinguishes synthetic diamonds, natural diamonds as well as moissanites.

What current highlights or new products was E&F presenting at EPHJ?

At this year’s EPHJ we presented, among other things, our workbench range made in Germany with our new Laminar Flow Boxes. The combination of table and box offers a perfect workstation with integrated cleanroom features. A continuous air flow ensures that no dust or dirt can settle in the work area.

Another highlight is our new ergonomic Neon 2 chair, which not only adapts perfectly to the working environment, but also offers a particularly large number of adjustment options to provide optimum support for the watchmaker’s individual body. The easy-to-clean, washable seat cushions are another major benefit.

Ergonomic watchmaker workbench Delta-Futura-Team: height adjustable and expandable with lamp and compressed air/vacuum system.

Dear business partners and friends

We heartily invite you to visit our booth at EPHJ Geneva – the famous international trade show of high precision from June 6th – 9th 2023. 

On our booth no. R23 we will present you our best-selling products as well as innovative novelties developed for watch manufacturers, service centers and wholesalers. Some highlights will be:

  • SWISOTECH Watchmaker Benches made in Germany with 3D armrests, air pressure and vacuum distribution, professional lighting
  • PRAC-TEC high-performance Polishing Benches with ultra-durable design, stepless speed adjustment and health-friendly dust extraction.
  • SMARTPRO Diamond Testing Tools, e.g. AURA and OPTIMUM – highly reliable and easy to use with touch-display and fully automatic test procedures.
  • NEW: Laminar Flow Box – the combination of bench and box provides a perfect workstation with integrated cleanroom attachment. A continuous air flow ensures that no dust is deposited in the work area.

For further information pls. check our catalogues on our website or contact us:

Buying conditions and discounts as per well-known discount key.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment so we can schedule enough time for you.


Looking forward to welcoming you, we remain with best regards



Dear Business Partners and Friends,

it would be a pleasure for us to welcome you at the JCK Las Vegas Show from 2nd – 5th June at our partner booth with SMARTPRO no. 53092.

At the show we are going to present our full SMARTPRO range, such as:

  • SMARTPRO OPTIMUM – the „3 in 1 innovation“, designed to identify natural diamond, CVD/HPHT and all types of Moissanite, various shapes
  • SMARTPRO AURA – the first synthetic diamond scanner that can analyse automatically mounted jewelry and loose stones with various test results
  • NEW: SMARTPRO AIR DO S/X – a compact pneumatic engraver with built-in 40 bar compressor, optionally incl. micromotor

Looking forward to receiving your suggestion for an appointment, we remain with best regards,


Better on the safe side with SMARTPRO diamond testers

Read the article from the latest edition of the magazine “Juwelier Business”!

Diamonds that are artificially produced in a laboratory are on the rise. The differences from a natural stone cannot be detected with the naked eye or even a magnifying glass. So anyone selling watches and jewelry with diamonds should be sure whether they are dealing with natural stones or synthetic diamonds such as CVDs/HPHTs.

With the high-tech devices from SMARTPRO, ERNST & FRIENDS exclusively offers gemological testing equipment to distinguish between natural and man-made diamonds.

The portable SMARTPRO OPTIMUM (2855), for example, distinguishes between natural and synthetic diamonds as well as synthetic moissanites between 0.015 to 10 ct. – colorless to faint yellow (D-M).

The SMARTPRO AURA (2856) can analyze entire batches. It scans loose and set stones, identifies diamonds, CVDs and HPHTs, cubic zirconia (CZ) and synthetic moissanite incl. Forever One Stones, all colorless to faint yellow (D-K).

TIP: For the most reliable results, ERNST & FRIENDS recommends the 2-phase testing procedure.

Step 1: The popular SMARTPRO Multi Reader (2850) is used to distinguish diamonds from moissanites, simulants and cubic zirconia. The result “diamond” can be a natural or synthetic stone.

Step 2: Therefore, the SMARTPRO Optimum (2855) is then used to analyze whether the tested stone is a natural or synthetic diamond.

Both devices can be controlled with the intelligent SMARTPRO App – including a practical certificate to hand out to the customer. The application is very intuitive and simple. The result is given in seconds.

Our absolute bargain price for the combination set of READER and OPTIMUM ( 2855.c):

Just 1195.00 EUR!



Of course we won’t miss the opportunity to be present at this year’s INHORGENTA with an impressive booth and our competent sales team. Having already warmed up with our booth at the T-Gold in Vicenza, our team is now fired up to present you amazing product highlights from our TOP brands.

The great number of our trade show appearances each year shows: We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry and continue to value “face-to-face” communication. Of course we appreciate and use the opportunities of digitalization in our daily work to professionalize our processes. But that is precisely why the personal encounters with customers and partners during trade shows are a very special highlight in our calendar. Nothing creates more trust and shows more appreciation than a personal conversation, a friendly smile or a firm handshake. Visit us at booth A2.222 and convince yourself of our quality, competence and service!

At our booth, you will discover a multitude of brand-new innovations to marvel at, in addition to our well-known best-sellers. Special highlights at our booth will be the freshly released SMARTPRO AIR DO for pneumatic engraving and stone setting, our SWISOTECH height adjustable workbenches (fully equipped with air pressure and vacuum), professional WALDMANN workshop lighting, our MAGIC laser and CNC engraving machines, the extensive range of SMARTPRO diamond testing devices, the famous premium watch tools from BERGEON and many more.

We look forward to seeing you in Munich!

You want to engrave jewelry? You want to engrave products like knives, lighters, key chains, necklaces, etc. and individualize them for your customers? You want to engrave easily with your computer or laptop?
Our MAGIC CNC engraving machines are perfect for engraving a wide variety of items. The compact tabletop engravers are equipped with a powerful diamond, which allows single line engraving, double line engraving and even hatching. However, the winning argument for the MAGIC series is the simple and intuitive MagicArt engraving software. Because with it, anyone can easily design motifs and texts for engraving and transfer them onto the workpiece with a simple mouse click.
With our MAGIC CNC engraving machines, you can rely on proven brand products with a TOP price-performance ratio!

Feature Overview:

  • Easy to use, surprisingly powerful
  • For engraving, milling and cutting
  • Multifunctional engraving machine for engraving rings, pendants, chains, bracelets, name tags, etc.
  • Ideal for flat, slightly curved and even round objects made of various metals or plastic
  • Integrated camera and laser pointer for easy workpiece positioning
  • Max. engraving area 238 mm x 178 mm x 39 mm
  • 110-240 Volt, 47 watts
  • Device dimensions: 40,2 x 37,6 x 35,2 cm
  • Simple but powerful operating software MAGICART7 included
  • Lots of expansion possibilities and a large selection of original accessories available

Further types on request.

7.400,00 EUR

We offer exclusive novelties in the ERNST & FRIENDS portfolio! The manufacturer SMARTPRO, well known for its innovative gemstone testers, now brings new momentum to the engraving market with two brand new products. With the “AIR DO S” and the “AIR DO X” you get a compact all-in-one device for pneumatic engraving – at a fair price. In addition, the “AIR DO X” takes this to the next level with a built in 35,000 rpm micromotor.


Integrated into both devices is a whisper-quiet 40 bar compressor. In combination with its compact housing and a weight of just 5 KG, this makes the AIR DO a real game changer for your workshop. Users will be able to safe a lot of space. A large and noisy external compressor is no longer necessary.

However, the compact size does not mean that the unit sacrifices performance. That’s because with a precisely adjustable output of 400 to 8,000 strokes per minute, the unit covers everything from fine engraving up until stone setting in hard materials such as metal.

The included foot pedal for speed control makes your work even easier. Also included is a set of 6 easy-to-change engraving adapters. With a retail price of just 995€ (AIR DO S) and 1,195€ (AIR DO X), the devices make a real, reasonable alternative to the devices of established manufacturers.

The feedback from the market so far has been positive. For the launch, we, as the official and exclusive SMARTPRO agent for europe, sent several test devices to our customers. One of them wrote to us: “Compared to competing products, the multifunctional tool convinces with its compact size and affordable entry-level price. (…) Anyone who enjoys beautiful tools and feels like expanding their product range can quickly achieve good results with this device.”

With the new “AIR DO”, SMARTPRO has therefore not only ventured into new areas of application, but is already proving to be a serious challenger to established manufacturers.

The SWISOTECH jewelry care range is pleased to announce two new additions:

The two new SWISOTECH dipping baths GOLD (Art. 1060) and SILVER (Art. 1061) are the perfect alternative to the well-known brands Connoisseurs and Hagerty – quality MADE IN GERMANY!

  • Cleans, deoxidizes, maintains, with brightener and anti-tarnish (ATP7) – 150 ml
  • Meets all criteria according to REACH chemical regulation incl. lid with child safety lock
  • Brings jewelry back to shine in seconds! Simply place bracelets, necklaces etc. in the sieve, immerse for a few seconds, rinse and rub dry

Also suitable as a combination product together with our SWISOTECH microfiber cloths (Art. 1054) – also made in Germany.

Check pricelist

In over 60 countries worldwide, CONNOISSEURS care products are among the TOP items when it comes to caring for high-quality genuine jewelry. The clever Jewellery Wipes – a reclosable case of 25 special wipes for the waterless dry cleaning of gold and silver jewelry – have proven to be a particular best seller. Professional care that is quick and uncomplicated to realize.

Valuable pieces of gold and silver jewelry cannot be cleaned with standard household products. Particularly dangerous are supposed “tips” from the Internet, which advertise toothpaste as a home remedy for cleaning jewelry. But the toothpaste can contain ingredients that attack the jewelry and scratch it due to their too hard abrasive particles. Instead, you should use proven cleaning products whose formulas are specifically designed to clean gold and silver. This is the only way to ensure safe and effective care.

One manufacturer that has achieved a great deal of recognition and fame in this area is the American company CONNOISSEURS. The global market leader in genuine jewelry care covers all common materials and types of application with its extensive product range. Our recommendation for the uncomplicated care of gold and silver jewelry are the Jewellery Wipes, which, thanks to a sophisticated formula, sustainably remove patina and deposits of all kinds from jewelry and restore its old shine. Despite their high effectiveness, the wipes are completely non-toxic. They are packaged in a practical, resealable plastic case which, in combination with the stylish counter displays, is a real eye-catcher. A perfect addition to your assortment, which enables you to generate additional revenue and provides your customers with real added value.

You can find our Buy-and-Sell price list here.
Overview of our Buy-and-Sell products.


Like all objects in our daily lives, jewelry must be cleaned regularly and, above all, properly. It can regain its old shine by being treated with a special polishing cloth. If the cloth is also printed with your own logo, it becomes an effective tool of customer loyalty for the jeweler.

The fine materials from which our jewelry is made are sensitive and suffer from the stresses of daily wear. Whether it’s grease, dust, sweat or body lotion, the jewelry gets dirty and no longer looks as beautiful as it did when it was brand new. Therefore, it must be cleaned regularly with the right material. And that can be bought at your local jeweler.

The main reason for the annoying loss of luminosity and shine of jewelry over time are the many micro-scratches that are practically unavoidable in everyday life. The jewelry then appears dull and matt. Micro scratches in jewelry can be easily polished out of the material with a jewelry polishing cloth. This way, your favorite pieces will shine again as on the first day and make their wearer happy.

ERNST & FRIENDS offers suitable solutions in this area. Both classic microfiber and special jewelry polishing cloths are provided in practical individual packaging. A special highlight are also the elegant microfiber gloves for handling especially high-value pieces. They signal appreciation and professionalism to the customer. He knows that he is with a professional jeweler.

Our service for you: for all mentioned products there is the possibility of individualization with your logo. This way you make your brand visible and strengthen the brand loyalty of your customers. The customer will transfer the positive characteristics of the care products to your name and you and your brand will be remembered. Simple, but effective.

You can find our Buy-and-Sell price list here.
Overview of our Buy-and-Sell products.