• SMARTPRO® OPTIMUM – 3 in 1 Innovation


    The unique handheld Diamond Multi-Tester using a special UV LED with fiber optic technology. Designed to identify natural diamond, CVD/HPHT and all types of Moissanite, various shapes. Carat weight from 0,015 to 10ct. For polished diamonds colourless to faint (D-M). Loose and mounted stones.

  • MAGIC E7 CNC Engraving Machine

    MAGIC CNC Engraver MAE7

    MAGIC CNC Engraving machine MAE7 for cutting, milling, round and flat engraving. Max. engraving area 238 mm x 178 mm x 39 mm. Very easy to handle.

  • Ergonomic Watchmaker Bench "ERGOLIFTER PLUS XL"

    Watchmaker Bench “ERGOLIFTER PLUS XL”

    Ergonomic Watchmaker Bench “ERGOLIFTER PLUS XL”, modell 145-2, with black powder coated metal frame. White HPL surface on top plate 145 x 63 x 4 cm with edge protection. Electrical height adjustment from 96-136 cm. Upholstered 3D adjustable arm rests. Large deposit table plate 126 x 54 cm under top plate. 2 drawer units, left with 4 and right side with 5 roller-guided drawers 57 x 35 x 53 cm, with black hand grips! Right hand drawer unit with practical divisions. Small pull-out plate under top plate 25 x 32 cm. Second telescopic pull-out shelf 53,5 x 45(31)cm. Closed rear wall 126 x 57 cm. Pull-out cable drawer 75 x 8 x 19 cm.



    PRAC-TEC Polishing Motor SPEEDYMASTERplus, Multispeed from 950 up to 4.100 rpm, 2 x bright LED Light, 2 spindles, brushes up to diameter 130 mm , incl. filter exhausting system 500 m³/h.

  • SMARTPRO® AURA Synthetic Diamond Scanner
    Smartpro Aura

    Smartpro Aura

    The first Synthetic Diamond Scanner that can screen automatically for mounted jewelry but can also be used to test loose stones with various test result.

  • PRAC-TEC Polishing Bench
    PRAC-TEC Polishing Bench

    PRAC-TEC Polishing Bench

    PRAC-TEC Polishing Bench “POLY-MASTER II SD VARIO SUPERIOR” with Speed Display, 0,5 kW/0,75 PS Multispeed from 300 up to 3.000 rpm 2 x bright LED Light 2 spindles, brushes up to diameter 160 mm incl. filter exhausting system 2 x 750m³/h.

  • Belt Grinding and Lapping Machine - LGD 2 IN 1


    Ideal for sharpening and reconstruction of surfaces, edges and shapes of watch cases and bracelets.

    Disc size Ø 250 mm/grinding belt 1000 x 100 mm/speed 0-1800 rpm/220-240 volts/power 1.1 KW (approx. 1.5 hp)

  • CONNOISSEURS Jewellery Wipes
    CONNOISSEURS Jewellery Wipes

    CONNOISSEURS Jewellery Wipes

    CONNOISSEURS Jewellery Wipes for gold and silver jewelry, 7,3 x 9,2cm, 12 pcs./box dry disposable, anti-tarnish.

  • SWISOTECH immersion baths Gold and Silver

    SWISOTECH immersion baths gold (1060) and silver (1061)

    Made in Germany! The perfect alternative to the well-known brands Connoisseurs and Hagerty.

    -Cleans, deoxidizes, maintains, with brightener and anti-tarnish (ATP7) – 150 ml.

    -Fully complies with EU-REACH chemicals regulation incl. lid with child safety lock

    -Brings jewelry back to shine in seconds! Simply place bracelets, necklaces etc. in the sieve, immerse for a few seconds, rinse and rub dry.