The Magic 70 is a multifunctional cutting AND engraving machine for medals, pen engraving, inside and outside rings and bengals. Easy to use with the included MagicArt5 program. 2D and 3D Wax carving and cutting is also possible.

SWISOTECH Winding Press for closing watch cases and fitting glasses

SWISOTECH SpindelpresseRCP-7325XS

  • with automatic change of coarse and fine thread for closing watch cases and fitting glasses
  • incl. 20 dies: shapes round, rectangular and special form from 18 – 50 mm
  • Price 179 Euro

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All MIYOTA calibers on request


Matthias Noack

Matthias Noack

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Matthias Noack will strengthen our sales-team starting July 1st 2018.

Born in Hamburg, Mr. Noack has many years’ experience in sales. Most recently he was Head of International Sales at Beco Technic GmbH and is familiar with many customers and suppliers.

Mr. Noack will work in partnership with Ms. Christine Kerber, to expand our worldwide sales. He will concentrate on the further development of our brands SWISOTECH® and PRAC TEC®.

The Ernst & Friends team is looking forward to an exciting and successful cooperation.

Contact details:
Tel.: +49 41518879585