Refine your range with care products from the jewelry expert

In over 60 countries worldwide, CONNOISSEURS care products are among the TOP items when it comes to caring for high-quality genuine jewelry. The clever Jewellery Wipes – a reclosable case of 25 special wipes for the waterless dry cleaning of gold and silver jewelry – have proven to be a particular best seller. Professional care that is quick and uncomplicated to realize.

Valuable pieces of gold and silver jewelry cannot be cleaned with standard household products. Particularly dangerous are supposed “tips” from the Internet, which advertise toothpaste as a home remedy for cleaning jewelry. But the toothpaste can contain ingredients that attack the jewelry and scratch it due to their too hard abrasive particles. Instead, you should use proven cleaning products whose formulas are specifically designed to clean gold and silver. This is the only way to ensure safe and effective care.

One manufacturer that has achieved a great deal of recognition and fame in this area is the American company CONNOISSEURS. The global market leader in genuine jewelry care covers all common materials and types of application with its extensive product range. Our recommendation for the uncomplicated care of gold and silver jewelry are the Jewellery Wipes, which, thanks to a sophisticated formula, sustainably remove patina and deposits of all kinds from jewelry and restore its old shine. Despite their high effectiveness, the wipes are completely non-toxic. They are packaged in a practical, resealable plastic case which, in combination with the stylish counter displays, is a real eye-catcher. A perfect addition to your assortment, which enables you to generate additional revenue and provides your customers with real added value.

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