Personalized Care Products – effective and simple

Like all objects in our daily lives, jewelry must be cleaned regularly and, above all, properly. It can regain its old shine by being treated with a special polishing cloth. If the cloth is also printed with your own logo, it becomes an effective tool of customer loyalty for the jeweler.

The fine materials from which our jewelry is made are sensitive and suffer from the stresses of daily wear. Whether it’s grease, dust, sweat or body lotion, the jewelry gets dirty and no longer looks as beautiful as it did when it was brand new. Therefore, it must be cleaned regularly with the right material. And that can be bought at your local jeweler.

The main reason for the annoying loss of luminosity and shine of jewelry over time are the many micro-scratches that are practically unavoidable in everyday life. The jewelry then appears dull and matt. Micro scratches in jewelry can be easily polished out of the material with a jewelry polishing cloth. This way, your favorite pieces will shine again as on the first day and make their wearer happy.

ERNST & FRIENDS offers suitable solutions in this area. Both classic microfiber and special jewelry polishing cloths are provided in practical individual packaging. A special highlight are also the elegant microfiber gloves for handling especially high-value pieces. They signal appreciation and professionalism to the customer. He knows that he is with a professional jeweler.

Our service for you: for all mentioned products there is the possibility of individualization with your logo. This way you make your brand visible and strengthen the brand loyalty of your customers. The customer will transfer the positive characteristics of the care products to your name and you and your brand will be remembered. Simple, but effective.

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