With polyWatch, scratches become a minor matter

The German company polyWatch has developed three high-performance premium products especially for the treatment of wristwatches. A product each for glass, plastic and protective sealing.

What could be more beautiful for watch lovers than the feeling of wearing a flawless, new watch on their wrist? You can’t resist looking at you new watch all the time. A view that makes you happy. At least until the first scratches and marks disturb the beauty of bracelet and case of the expensive timepiece. That’s annoying, but no disaster thanks to polyWatch.

In fact, wristwatches are predestined for scuffs and scratches of all kinds due to their exposed position on the outer wrist. Especially if the watch is a faithful companion in everyday life and is not only taken out of the cabinet on holidays. But how do you get scratched watches and scuffed bracelets back to their former glory? The three polyWatch products in detail:

polyWatch Plastic Polish

The elegant folding box contains a 5g tube of the high-tech polishing paste, a perfectly matched polishing cloth and a step-by-step manual.

The polishing paste is applied to the scratched plastic watch glass and the polishing cloth is used to remove the scratch from the scratched glass at a 90° angle.

polyWatch Glass Polish

Speaking of jewelry, polyWatch Glass Polish contains microscopic diamond grains that ensure professional results in the treatment of small and medium scratches in mineral and sapphire glass. The clever all-inclusive repair set also makes economic sense, because it preserves the value of the watch and is significantly cheaper than replacing the watch glass. And the set lives up to its name: a tube of repair paste, a tube of finish paste, a polishing rod, matching polishing strips made of fleece and a step-by-step manual leave nothing to be desired and ensure amazing results.

polyWatch Watch Protector

Prevent scratches in the watch glass in advance? Sounds almost too good to be true. But it is possible thanks to the polyWatch Watch Protector. The two-component system provides a protective film on the watch that protects against scratches, fingerprints and dirt. And that for up to 12 months. This is made possible by liquid glass technology with the futuristic name “Nano-Tech”. Everything needed for application is included in the elegant black sales packaging, which comes in a fashionable 6-counter display.

For jewelers, the products offer clear benefits:

– Because they are consumables, they increase frequency in your retail store.

– They are an easy way to realize additional revenue with good margins.

– They are perfect as bonus items or as a giveaway e.g. instead of a discount or for sales promotions.

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