Watch Cleaner: Professional Cleaning for Watches – The Sales Driver for Jewelers

If you love your watch, you take care of it. Especially with lifestyle products like watches and jewelry, the topic of care cannot be neglected. In this blog article, you will find out what suitable cleaning of wristwatches looks like and how jewelers can profit from it.

If you finally invest in a luxurious timepiece after a long time of thinking and pondering, you’ll be happy to look after it even after you’ve bought it. A typical activity of watch lovers is the thorough cleaning of the wristwatch that is soiled with dust, sweat and dirt through daily wear. The hygiene aspect also plays a role. After all, the wristwatch should not become a hotbed of germs.

It should be clear to everyone that a luxury product from a jewelry store cannot be cleaned with dishwashing liquid and a kitchen towel. An effective but at the same time gentle cleaning agent is needed. The watch cleaning experts at PolyWatch have also recognized this problem and can now shine with an innovative new product.

With their Watch Cleaner, they have developed a multifunctional 3-in-1 care product for retailers. It frees the watch from unsavory deposits, cares for the material and then provides a noble high gloss. “Like new!” – you might think.

The attractive, matte-black folding box contains a whole range of practical helpers. This means unboxing with a wow effect. In addition to the high-yield spray bottle, the elegant folding packaging also contains a white polishing cloth, a gray microfiber cloth, and multilingual step-by-step instructions.

A must-have for the jeweler:

Each of the eye-catching and convenient counter displays contains 6 Watch Cleaning sets. And for the jeweler, the product is almost more practical than for the customer itself. Because with the Watch Cleaner, the jeweler not only satisfies a genuine customer need, but at the same time enhances his assortment and increases the average receipt of his customers. Before trying to sell the customer another piece of jewelry, one should first harvest the low-hanging fruits. This can be translated into practice, for example, with the Watch Cleaner and other buy-and-sell products from ERNST & FRIENDS.

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